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Handling layoff’s May 23, 2008

Posted by Coolguy in Management.
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With the US economy in recession, everyday slew of employees are being laid-off, particularity in the finance sector. Here is my take on how you can monitor for rebound of the economy.

This is a quick list of do’s and don’ts for those in unfortunate position of having to let your teams go :

  • Explain why layoff’s are happening. Show numbers. That will atleast show them whats motivating it.
  • Don’t blame external factors. Its your job to monitor them.
  • Set and communicate a timetable for when they will be carried out. Be specific in plans.
  • Have counselors on-site to help employees deal with emotional aspect
  • Engage career counselor’s and let your staff know that they will be available
  • Do inform them personally. Email/SMS are terrible choices.
  • Don’t withhold information any longer than necessary.
  • Move swiftly once you announce the plan.
  • Take measures to motivate the employees you are keeping. Provide clear details on targets and plans you will achieve by the change.
  • Have alumni networks available for people leaving. They can help people make new contacts and find another job.

Mentoring Basics February 13, 2007

Posted by Coolguy in Management.
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  • Consistent, scheduled meetings with staff, mentors, and participants
  • A tracking system for ongoing assessment
  • De-brief the mentoring relationship

You are good for mentoring if you think:

  • I possess great patience.
  • I listen to the whole issue before commenting
  • I give advice but still expect the mentee to make their own decisions
  • I have a good range of networks and contacts that can be utilised appropriately
  • I always give honest opinions
  • I am not intimidating – I’m easy to approach at any time
  • I know what I am talking about – I am good at my own job
  • I am non-judgemental
  • I am enthusiastic about mentoring