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Process Improvement Project Charter September 27, 2007

Posted by Coolguy in Six Sigma.
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  1. Statement of work
  2. Statement of resources
  3. Statement of expected benefits

Statement of work

  • Defines scope of project
  • Select the process to be improved
  • Reasons of selecting the process over others
  • Tasks in project
  • Steps
  • Reporting Milestones
  • Information to be collected to report progress of project
  • Schedule

Statement of resources

Has both human and physical resources.

Human resources include:

  • Identifies people involved
  • Project start date
  • Duration of involvement of people and reporting relationships
  • Identify any training they require

Physical resources include:

  • Identify work location
  • Six Sigma tools and equipment needed

Statement of expected benefits

It should have the estimates of resource consumption and resource saving. This helps set expectations and helps set a comparable limit of a projects outcome. It defines sucess level.
Common expectations are:

  • Incerased sales
  • Higher quality
  • Quicker turn-around of product
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Higher employee productivity and morale