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Storage Systems September 27, 2007

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Sun recently did a survey of 200 user sites globally and found that about 70% of the disk space is simple wasted.

Building a data center September 27, 2007

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Five steps to build a entirely new data center or to renovate an existing one:

1. Get the board behind you

HP’s MArk Hurd and SUN’s Jonathan Schwartz did just that.
2. Choose location carefully

Factors that shouldn’t affect your decision include proximity to any of the company’s locations or highly populated cities. Look at available power supply and square footage.Google built a datacenter in Dalles near Portland as its close to Columbia river with potential for unlimited hydroelectric power.

3. Design it Green

Green means lighting, cooling, computer systems and mechanical systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency. Companies spend much more on the power to run a server during its lifetime than they do in capital to purchase it.

Advantages for going green:

  • A green data center will consume 50-80% less power than a typical data center.
  • Minimization of size of building
  • Reducing carbon footprint

Liebert is US market leader in data center air conditioning, UPS systems.


4. Pick products carefully


Hardware and software for data center should be chosen for performance, quality, green and scalability.



  • Open systems: Hot-swappable disk drives, power supplies, fans. Look for open standards. Not necessarily open source.
  • Versatile products: That allow for interconnecting components.
  • Virtulization: For both servers and storage increases visibility of underutilised servers and storage
  • Data De duplication: Data-duplication eliminates redundant data throughout the storage network, increasing cost effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Thin Provisioning: Lets admin’s limit the allocation of storage to what the apps immediately need. It enables automatic addition of capacity on demand upto preset limits. Equallogi, Hitachi, EMC, NetApp, 3PAR and CommVault offer thin provisioning of SAN or iSCSI.

5. Turn-it off:

Put the right management systems that will help you manage parts of systems. Scalent Systems, Cassatt offer systems to manage data centers and server appliances respectively. MonoSphere, Asigra and Onaro offer storage allocation and monitoring systems.




Business continuity facts September 26, 2007

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25% companies do not test continuity plans.
Terrorism accounts for 3% of incidents.
Software or hardware failures account for 67% of incidents.
Power failures make for other 16%.