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Weight loss plateau May 27, 2008

Posted by Coolguy in Health.

Off late I have been very conscious about my weight (although my BMI levels are normal). I am making it a point to get alteast 30 minutesof exercise every day either by walking on a treadmill or by playing Wii.

I had good results so far. Looks like I lost about 7lbs in 5-6 weeks. Going forward, I don’t quite expect quite loss for the next 5-6 weeks, based on my previous experience.

I expect the progress to slow down although exercise and food intake is consistent. This phenomen is called weight loss plateau.

This plateau often occurs because the difference between energy intake and energy spent gradually balances.As the body becomes lighter after initial weight loss, its burns less calories during excercise. Hence overall gain from excercise is reduced.

Here are some tips I found and intend to use to stop this from happening. Note that my weight loss program is entirely based on exercise and not dieting. I do have a balanced diet.

  • Changing exercise routine : Switch to jogging if you are walking.
  • Add strength Training: This will increase metabolic rate
  • Increase water intake
  • Increase / change duration of exercise

Hopefully this will help me fight off the dreaded weight loss plateau. I will post the results and updates here.



1. neil maycock - May 28, 2008

How about supplements. You say you are eating a balanced diet have you tried Ephedra?. Good luck anyway just remmeber maintaining your routine will get you over the plateau.

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