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Expectation Management May 10, 2008

Posted by Coolguy in Service Delivery.
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In day-to-day life people manage expectations at work,friendships and family. Management is about managing expectations too. You manage expectations of you boss and you set expectations of your staff.

Success of any project/initiative depends active expectation management of stakeholders. The way stakeholders interact with IT services reflects their expectations on what IT can or cannot deliver.

Expectations change over time.Proactive expectation management is about staying in tune with the changes in stakeholder expectations.Stakeholders with negative and unreasonable expectations may need special attention.

For projects, requirements, budgets, timeline are typically the explicitly stated expectations. Implicitly stated objectives could include career goals for team involved etc.

Expectation management involves three stages: Setting expectations, capturing and monitoring expectations and influence expectations.

  1. Know your stakeholders. Review my article on stakeholder identification and management
  2. Communication is the key for expectation management.
  3. Be approachable. Let the business know that they can approach you with issues or to bounce ideas.
  4. Use both formal and informal communication to understand expectations and to manage them
  5. Be open and honest in your assessment on what IT can and cannot deliver. Deliver bad news as soon as you know.
  6. Actively seek feedback on department / project performance. Survey’s over regular intervals are a good measure of progress or otherwise.
  7. Meet with key stakeholders regularly, preferably monthly to discuss new initiatives, progress on key projects and general IT issues.
  8. Where possible on projects, document key decisions etc using meeting minutes or other means

Here are other articles on the subject. Link1 and Link2

Rational RequisitePro provides ability to explicitly track and map expectations to features of a product. A good article demonstrating is here.



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