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COBiT Basics May 6, 2008

Posted by Coolguy in IT Governance.
  • Stands for Control Objectives for Information and related Technology
  • It is a IT Governance control framework.
  • IT Governance is typically executive responsibility
  • COBiT is more focussed in control than on execution
  • Practices of COBiT are formed by reaching consensus of experts
  • COBIT 4.1 has 34 high level processes that cover 210 control objectives categorized in four domains:
  1. Planning and Organization – 10 Processes
  2. Acquisition and Implementation – 7 Processes
  3. Delivery and Support – 13 Processes
  4. Monitoring – 4 Processes

Planning and Organization

This covers how IT can be used to deliver organizations goals and objectives. Typical control objectives address elements of defining a IT Plan and direction inline with organizations needs, managing IT Investment and resources, managing quality,risks and projects. There are 10 processes for this domain.

Acquisition and Implementation

This domain covers best practices for gathering IT requirements, acquiring application software and infrastructure implementing technology managing changes to systems and creation of maintenance plans for systems. There are 7 control objectives in this area.

Delivery and Support

The focus of this domain is on execution of systems, creation of support processes for execution of systems, security and training aspects etc. This domain has 13 processes associated with it.


This domain addresses practices for continuous, independent monitoring to ensure IT Systems are meeting business objectives and control processes. There are 4 processes associated with this domain.



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