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Customers & Quality September 28, 2007

Posted by Coolguy in Six Sigma.
  • Customer is the ultimate judge of quality
  • Customers can be internal or external
  • Cost of acquiring new customers is typically 5-6 times more than the cost of retaining existing one
  • Only about4% of customers ever express their dissatisfaction explicitly. Rest simply switch
  • Customers may not always use the product for its intended purpose. E.g: A customer may be using PDA for only voice as the data connectivity is poor.


  • CTQ (Critical to Quality) characteristics of a product are the key quantifiable characteristics that should be met to meet customer satisfaction.
  • CTQ’s ideally have upper and lower limits and come from qualitative feedback that come from customers
  • Value-added features of a product are add-ons that may not be perceived as critical to quality.

Factors governing customer satisfaction:

  • Performance : Tyically measures in speed, accessibility, savings in cost & labor etc.
  • Features
  • Reliability : Perform at an expected level without breakdown
  • Conformance : Conform to pre-established quality standards.
  • Durability: Lenght in time a product should perfor, before it deteriorates in quality
  • Servicability: Ease, Speed and convenience of service and courtesy of service personnel
  • Aesthetics : Look & feel. Smell, sound and taste where applicable
  • Perceived value: Created in customers mind based on product desciption and advertised features.


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