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Dealing with a difficult customer September 19, 2005

Posted by Coolguy in Business Analysis.
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  1. Do stakeholder Analysis. Identify your Stakeholders, Prioritise Your Stakeholders, Understand your key stakeholders
  2. Do a colour coded stakeholder map
  3. Having a chat with the stakeholders before hand gives you a feeling as to how stakeholders will behave.
  4. May be you can invite another stakeholder who can neutralise.
  5. If you have to get some points across, and people are against it, the natural reaction is to win them over by paying a lot of energy to them. Instead, you should support the people who agree on the matter in convincing the disbelievers
  6. In this way you have more people to spread the word and mostly from the same environment as the ‘don’t wanna’s’. And we all have the tendency to accept something faster from someone out of the same environment, then from a total stranger.
  7. People come to defend their ground, to conquer new ones, to enhance power, to reduce influences from others, or just basically to kill time
  8. You have to fulfil everyone’s wishes today. The people in the room have their issues, their stakes, and they will project it on the topic of the day
  9. If people don’t want to be concerned with the project in the first place, they can frustrate the process of conducting the workshop
  10. You will not get them. Today. You can handle them later on. You need to be prudent enough to decide when you have to move on. You cannot tolerate them having an impact on the flow of the workshop.
  11. But you can block it by having some colleague sitting in that also feels differently about the subject. Or a senior manager, who shuts him or her up.
  12. If you cant do anything just document it in Controversy and carry on.
  13. when the other person begins to push, don’t push back
  14. When someone adamantly sets forth a position, neither reject it nor accept it. Treat is as a possible option and then look for the interest behind it (the hidden agenda is always a possibility?).


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