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Process Overview September 14, 2005

Posted by Coolguy in PRINCE2.

  • It all starts with an when someone in company has a idea for a project. It could be a marketing drive, technical project etc
  • He/She can start talking to immediate manager and start refining it
  • They then need approval or backing of the director or VP
  • Together they prepare a BOD
  • BOD is equivalent to project mandate in PRINCE2
  • BOD has details like:
  • Opportunity Description.
  • Who will sponsor it?  
  • What existing products or services does this opportunity impact
  • What categories does this opportunity fall  E.g: Business Risk, Revenue Generating, Value Add, Cost Saving etc
  • Primary benefits of exploiting this opportunity.
  • Primary risks of exploiting this opportunity.
  • Market research in support
  • What existing strategies does this opportunity support? E.g.: customer satisfaction. Improved productivity
  • Are there any internal deadlines or external events that impact the time-frame in which the opportunity should be exploited?
  • All technology BOD’s go to TSC(which has representation from business leaders of all streams, CIO,CFO etc)
  • TSC separates wheat from chaff, put a priority on it
  • It gets passed onto the appropriate department. (Telecom, Operations, Networking /Infrastructure, Development)
  • A PM gets allocated to the project and a steering committee is formed.
  • Steering committee has PM, BA , Tech Lead, Sponsor or delegate
  • Project Brief, PID



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