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Requirement Quality Factors September 13, 2005

Posted by Coolguy in Business Analysis.


  • Can you draw only one interpretation of this use case?
  • Does this use case accurately describing the functionality to be delivered?


  • Does this use case have all the details necessary to implement it? E.g: Missing postconditions
  • Identify the area you need more details on, if you have answered ‘No’ to the above question.
  • Are all of the requirements related to functionality to be provided by this use case included?
  • Are all possible entry/exit criteria for this use case specified?
  • Are all the possible error/exception conditions and strategy to handle these conditions identified?
  • Are all possible error messages included and do they indicate actual error produced?
  • Are all of these requirements related to inputs included?
  • Data type
  • Range
  • Options
  • Formats
  • Constraints (Eg: Unique)
  • Defaults
  • Sort order
  • Are all of these requirements related to Outputs included?
  • List the business terms in the use case that you do not understand.
  • Are all units of measure defined? (E.g.: Throughput, Response Time, Availability Time, User Friendly ness etc)


  • Are the relationships (extends, includes etc) with other use cases clearly identified?
  • Are there any other relationships which are haven’t been identified? (Please specify use case numbers and relationships)


  • Can you write a test case for this use case?


  • Can this requirement be implemented within known constraints?
  • Is there anything in this use case that makes you uneasy?

Necessity / Reason

  • Do you understand why customer needs this?


  • Is there a probability that this use case will cause undesired events?


  • Are there any assumptions you made or the use case makes?
  • Do you have concerns regarding the following issues for this use case:
  1. Reliability
  2. Performance
  3. Security
  4. Support
  5. Maintenance
  6. Deployment
  • Does this use case/functionality conflict with any other use case?


  • Associated information
  • Complete
  • Consistent
  • Feasible
  • Independent
  • Modifiable
  • Necessary
  • No unnecessary design
  • Non-redundant
  • Terse
  • Testable
  • Traceable
  • Understandable
  • Within scope






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