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Leader vs Manager September 11, 2005

Posted by Coolguy in Personality.


  • The job of the leader is to rally people toward a better future.
  • It’s externally focused, optimistic, ego-driven.
  • Leaders see the present, but the future is even more vivid to them.
  • The key skill is to cut through individual differences and tap into those things all of us share: fear of the future and the need for clarity.


  • The role of the manager is very internally focused
  • To turn one person’s talent into performance.
  • To ask, “Who is the person? What is his or her unique style of learning? What unique trigger must I squeeze to get the best out of him?”
  • The challenge is to find what’s unique and capitalise on it.
  • It’s really different but hugely important in a company. It’s a role that’s been undervalued


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