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Recruitment Process September 8, 2005

Posted by Coolguy in Management.


  • Recruiting for a specific role
  • Recruiting for a specific project
  • Recruiting to keep buffer


  • Write a Job Description
  • Provide enough justification and get the position approved
  • Send it off HR
  • Brief the agencies individually or collectively
  • Be clear on the role, salary range, skills, attributes, qualities and experience level required
  • Make sure they understand the process, mode of communication, interview process and stick to it.
  • Be prepared to allocate half of your time to the process and ensure quick turnarounds. After all good candidates don’t stay looking for ever
  • Screen CV’s and give feedback to agencies, both on why or not, you are picking a candidate for first round.
  • Arrange for telephonic interview. Don’t do back to back and no more than two per day. That’s stressful and impairs your judgement.
  • Prepare for the telephonic interview with probing questions as well as basic screening questions.
  • Make notes as you go along and use ratings for skills and characteristics you are looking for.
  • If candidate is thru schedule time with your manager and invite the candidate for personal interview.
  • Brief your manager on your findings during first round using your notes and give your rating. Tell your concerns and come to an agreement on topics you want him/her to probe.
  • Make notes as you go along and use ratings for skills and characteristics you are looking for.
  • If candidate is thru, make a offer ASAP. If not give reasons to agency

Job Descriptions

Existing role:

  • Analyse the roles and responsibilities
  • Start with the JD of person leaving.
  • Observe his/her work and revise the JD.
  • Ask him/her to maintain a diary of his work for a week and revise the JD.
  • Make a list of skills the person has.
  • Think if any additional skills needed to perform the role
  • Revise the JD and publish it

New Role

  • Look at what the company strategy is.
  • E.g.: In some company’s BA’s do everything the RA phase. So not much need of RA exposure for a Developer/Analyst role. Similarly if company has a project management function, you don’t need a development manager to be a project manager
  • Form a list of responsibilities and derive essential skills from the responsibilities.
  • E.g.: If you need a analyst to work along with a BA team, some exposure to RA process is necessary. As are Presentation Skills, Willingness to travel if client else where, teamwork etc.

For any role

  • Decide on level of experience you would like to have.
  • No point if getting highly experienced people for a junior role as they simply would move on after a while

Telephonic Conversation

  • Look up company on internet
  • Google to find out more!!
  • Read CV twice and make notes. Unexplained gaps etc.
  • Based on the characteristics you want prepare with probing questions on projects
  • Explain the recruitment process and stages.
  • Outline the call
  • Give good introduction on company, business and financial stability
  • Introduction to team, role and skills required.
  • Start off with the current project and start probing.
  • Rate on questions
  • Give chance to ask any questions


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