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Requirements for effective testing September 2, 2005

Posted by Coolguy in Business Analysis.
  • If the software is based on inaccurate requirements then, despite any amount of testing, the software will be unsatisfactory.
  • If we have a consistent and well-defined way of specifying requirements then we can involve people with testing expertise early in the project.
  • A tester can test anything provided he has a set of criteria against which to test.
  • In other words we can test a specification to establish whether or not it is a
  • Without some consistent agreement on what you intend your specification to contain it is impossible to test the quality of its contents.
  • The aim is to discover problems like ambiguous requirements, missing requirements, inconsistent requirements – and to raise questions early rather than later on in the development process when it takes much more effort to deal with them.
  • Here are some testpoints that you can build into your quality gateway:
  • Does the specification contain all the requirements components?
  • Does the specification contain all the relationships between components?
  • Are all types of requirements defined?
  • Is each requirement uniquely identifiable?
  • Does each requirement contain all components on the shell?
  • Are all the event inputs and outputs defined?
  • Can you trace the product use cases back to the business events?
  • Are the terms used consistently?
  • Is each requirement really a requirement or is it a solution?
  • Are conflicts between requirements identified?


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