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Common Issues with Requirements August 25, 2005

Posted by Coolguy in Business Analysis.


  • Business Analysts’s visualise the system and not business and therefore have too much to do. (Requirements gold-plating) Eg: No reasoning for many features in the spec.
  • As they have too much to do, they dont go into detail in the spec
  • Business notionally signs off the spec and does’nt visualise it.
  • Developers start coding without clear understanding of requirements and uncover grey areas all through.
  • Developers dont ask right questions at right time and dont get answers when asked.
  • They make either make: Assumptions and proceed which are wrong at time or Ignore the requirement and proceed.
  • No involvement of business during the initial testing phases.
  • Testing team doesn’t have a clear idea of requirements and can’t write proper test cases and cant uncover bugs in early stages.
  • Changes/Issues new requirements during UAT, making changes expensive in terms of time to do.
  • No priorites set to developers and hence the ‘must-haves’ are tackled in later phases increasing the risk.
  • Business change their mind in between.
  • Things break in subsequent phases.



  • Every requirement must have a Problem Statement that can be traced back to customer or what the customer is doing currently
  • Every Use Case should have Priority, Stability, Necessary features.

Handling Changes:

  • Checklist of common requirement categories to ensure the requirements are good
  • Dissuade the customer from making changes by rationally explaining how expensive a change can be
  • Change-control procedures
  • Proto-typing


  • Change in the early stages of a project, in requirements or architecture, costs 50 to 200 times less than the same change later, in construction or maintenance


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