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javax.servlet.http Package August 17, 2005

Posted by Coolguy in Servlets/Jsp.
  • The class HttpServlet implements the Servlet interface and provides a base
    developers will extend to implement servlets for implementing web applications employing the HTTP protocol.


  • HttpServletRequest
  • HttpServletResponse
  • HttpSession
  • HttpSessionActivationListener
  • HttpSessionAttributeListener
  • HttpSessionBindingListener
  • HttpSessionContext
  • HttpSessionListener


  • Cookie
  • HttpServlet :Abstract class to be subclassed to create an HTTP servlet
  • HttpServletRequestWrapper: Convenient implementation of the
    HttpServletRequest interface that can be subclassed by developers wishing to adapt the request to a Servlet.
  • HttpServletResponseWrapper
  • HttpSessionBindingEvent
  • HttpSessionEvent
  • HttpUtils


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