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Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 August 12, 2005

Posted by Coolguy in Microsoft Technologies.
  • MOM 2005 is an event and performance management tool for Windows Server System
  • MOM 2005 improves the manageability of your infrastructure by providing:
    Comprehensive event management
    Proactive monitoring and alerting
    Reporting and trend analysis
    System and application-specific knowledge from the experts
  • MOM’s core functionality falls into four broad areas:
    First, it collects and filters event data from managed servers. That data is filtered so you only see what is important to your servers’ health.
    Second, MOM supports processor health rules that give you alerts when specific events or performance conditions occur. There’s also an extensive knowledge base that explains the impact of certain events on performance conditions and offers advice on how to fix them.
    Third, MOM supports a robust scripting architecture, so once it alerts you to potentially damaging situations it can also take automated corrective actions like restarting a server or changing a configuration value. Finally, MOM provides full reporting to give you an enterprise-wide view of your IT infrastructure’s health and operations

MOM Management Packs

  • MOM management packs provide built-in, product-specific operations knowledge for a wide variety of your server applications
  • Management packs contain rules for monitoring a comprehensive array of server health indicators and creating alerts, often preemptively, when problems are detected or reasonable thresholds are exceeded that require administrator intervention.
  • This powerful monitoring capability is augmented by in-depth knowledge base content, prescriptive guidance, and actionable tasks that can be associated directly with the relevant alerts included in the management packs
  • Administrators can then act to prevent or correct situations, such as degraded performance or service interruption, maintaining service availability with greater ease and reliability
  • To provide the best possible management for applications, Microsoft encourages application providers, who have the sophisticated knowledge associated with their own applications, to supply management packs for their applications
  • That way, they can embed the necessary operational intelligence to aid the administrator or operator.
  • Management packs for Microsoft applications are developed directly by the individual product teams in conjunction with Microsoft Consulting Services and Microsoft Product Support Services, combining the best of development, deployment, and troubleshooting knowledge.
  • In addition, there are a wide range of non-Microsoft application and hardware management packs that enable MOM to manage far more than the Microsoft components of your IT infrastructure

Architecture and work flow

Edition – Pricing

  • The estimated retail price of a MOM 2005 server license is $729 per server. A MOM server license need to be obtained for each MOM server implemented in the MOM environment. (MOM server is not available individually in retail, and is sold with a minimum of 10 OML pack. MOM server plus 10 OML estimated retail price is $6,099).OML stands for Operations Management License
  • MOM 2005 Workgroup Edition manages only up to 10 devices due to a built-in technical limitation. Importantly, this restriction includes virtual as well as physical machines
  • Customers have to re-purchase their MOM 2005 licenses for all monitored devices at the time they decide to add the 11th managed device.


  • Nagios
  • mon
  • Angel
  • spong
  • HP OpenView
  • CA Unicenter TNG
  • Novell’s ManageWise / ZenWorks
  • Big Brother
  • MRTG
  • Zabbix [zabbix.com]
  • argus





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