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Six Sigma Basics February 11, 2005

Posted by Coolguy in Six Sigma.

Six Sigma:

Six Sigma methodology provides the techniques and tools to improve the capability and reduce the defects in any process. It was started in Motorola, in its manufacturing division, where millions of parts are made using the same process repeatedly

Six Sigma methodology improves any existing business process by constantly reviewing and re-tuning the process. To achieve this, Six Sigma uses a methodology known as DMAIC (Define opportunities, Measure performance, Analyze opportunity, Improve performance, Control performance).

Six Sigma Strives for perfection.It allows for only 3.4 defects per million opportunities for each product or service transaction.

Six Sigma experts (Green Belts and Black Belts) evaluate a business process and determine ways to improve upon the existing process. Six Sigma experts can also design a brand new business process using DFSS (Design For Six Sigma) principles.


Six Sigma improves the process performance, decreases variation and maintains consistent quality of the process output. This leads to defect reduction and improvement in profits, product quality and customer satisfaction

The three key elements of Six Sigma are:

Customer Satisfaction

Defining Processes and defining Metrics and Measures for Processes

Using and understanding Data and Systems

Setting Goals for Improvement

Team Building and Involving Employees

Source: http://sixsigmatutorial.com/Six-Sigma/Six-Sigma-Tutorial.aspx



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